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  • Mini Siopao Food Cart Featured Image #1Generic Food Cart #7

    Mini Siopao Food cart for everyone!  Bun steamed to perfection for everybody to enjoy. Share this:FacebookEmail

  • Mixed Balls Food Cart Featured #1
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Mixed balls food cart served with various classic Filipino street food, including fishballs, squid balls, kikiam and chicken balls.  Served with freshly, perfectly mixed sauce.…

  • Nachos Food Cart Featured Image #1

    Crunchy Nachos Food Cart served with Cheese or Beef. Share this:FacebookEmail

  • Popcorn Food Cart Featured Image #1

    Popcorn food cart, freshly popped filling the room with excitement. Share this:FacebookEmail

  • Puto Pao Cart Featured Image #1Generic Food Cart #7

    A fusion taste Puto-Pao Food Cart served hot, 2pcs per serving.  Puto-pao are steamed mini buns made out of rice filled with seasoned pork with…

  • Siomai Food Cart Featured Image #1

    Siomai Food cart for your occasion.   Choices of pork or chicken to fit your preferences. Share this:FacebookEmail

  • Shake Smoothie Food Cart Featured #1

    Cooling Smoothie Shakes Food Cart served in 12 oz cups, choice of 2 flavours: Chocolate, Pandan, Mango, Watermelon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Ube Share this:FacebookEmail

  • Snow Cone Food Cart Featured Image #1

    Enjoy our Snow Cone Food Cart to chill you during summer or hot days. Share this:FacebookEmail

  • Special Shark's Fin Siomai Food Cart Featured Image #1

    Steaming, tasty Special Shark’s Fin Siomai Cart for you to enjoy. Share this:FacebookEmail

  • Taho Cart Featured Image #1Taho Cart Image #1

    Freshly Cooked Filipino Taho (soft tofu/beancurd) served with arnibal (sweetener and flavoring) and sago pearl.  Served by an authentic Magtataho with aluminum street cart. Share…